Mental Health Treatment

Individual  Intake

If you are looking for licensed therapeutic services via Telehealth and you are a residence of California, Colorado or Florida you can schedule an intake.  My passion lies with transitions and adjustments.  We all get stuck at times in our life and having someone to help not only feel unstuck but be able to live a more fulfilled life is my goal.  I adore late teens, early 20’s striving to find their place in this unique time in the world.  My specialities include grief and loss, divorce, foster/adopt, self esteem, depression and anxiety.  I work from a trauma based perspective and have certifications in both Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence.  I am on numerous insurance panels in California and Colorado and will be exploring insurance in Florida soon.  If I do not take your particular insurance you will be sent with a superbill upon completion of services that you are able to send in to your insurance company if you have out of network benefits or you need it to go against. your deductible.  All services begin with an online initial intake to gather a sense of self and what our primary goals will be during our time together.  This is where we will address emotional, physical and/or spiritual health concerns. 

Cost: $200. 

Follow Up Sessions

We will reconvene within 1-2 weeks for the  in order to agree on the treatment plan and get started on accomplishing those goals.

In our follow up sessions, we will review progress, process concerns, conduct any reassessments and adjust your plan if needed.

Limited number of sliding scale clients will be taken per year.


Comprehensive Nutritional Programs

These programs allow us to work together more intensively to help you make forward, focused progress toward your health goals. 

They are also the perfect gift for those that you think would benefit from my services.

*if supplements are indicated they are at a separate cost to you.

My Plate is Full 


This program is intended for those that just can’t fathom adding anything more to their plate but need the education and resources to live a healthy life. This is also a good program for college aged adults that would benefit from creating healthy habits early in life.


This 3-month program is designed to optimize your health with personalized nutrition protocols and guidance for creating a healthy lifestyle.  Specific individualized meal planning ideas for those that are on the go and do not have the ability to spend their lives in a kitchen or may not have a full kitchen accessible.

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation, four follow up sessions and email support as needed.


In Desperate Need 


For those that have the time and resources to overhaul your life;  emotionally, physically and spiritually. Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your health and if you are suffering let me help provide you with the optimal lifestyle for healing and growth.


This 6 month program will provide you with the tools to have a full lifestyle with personalized nutritional protocols, pantry clean out and non-toxic home makeover.  This program is aimed at resolving root causes that may be causing discomfort and frustration like fatigue, digestive issues, hormone imbalance.

This package includes the Comprehensive Nutrition Consultation, eight follow up sessions, as well as phone, text and/or email support as needed.


Group Counseling 

If you are interested in a group online setting it will be offered twice a year.  Please drop me an email and I will put you on the wait list.



There is no time like now.

Don’t look back with regret.

The only thing that is certain is the current moment.